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By Skin Center
August 27, 2018
Category: Skin Care

Laser Hair RemovalHair often grows in some of the most undesirable places, such as the chin and neck (for women), the legs, arms, and underarms. Hair removal is a daily or weekly grooming process that can become difficult to maintain. If you want complete hair removal that will last much longer than shaving or waxing, go see a dermatologist at the Skin Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL, for a laser treatment called The GentleYAG Laser System.

Unwanted Hair in Unwanted Places
It can be difficult to manage hair growth in unwanted places using traditional hair removal techniques. Shaving the hair eventually creates hard stubble that grows back after just a few days. Waxing can be painful and cause skin irritations. Patients who want a more reliable and effective way of removing hair and keeping it at bay opt for laser treatments.

The GentleYAG Laser System
If you’re ready for a more long-term hair removal solution, consult your Fort Lauderdale dermatologist about the GentleYAG Laser System. A laser light heats the hair follicle, causing it to fall out. A handheld device is placed over the targeted area and a cool spray of cooling cryogen liquid covers the skin to make the procedure easier to tolerate. Multiple sessions will ensure the best results. As is the case with most skin laser treatments, patients who have pale skin and dark hairs are usually the best candidates, but the GentleYAG laser can treat all skin types.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal
After laser hair removal, you no longer have to shave every morning in the shower, or wax before a big event. You can put your tweezers away—no more painful, nervous plucking in the mirror. You will enjoy smooth, stubble-free skin for up to a year, sometimes longer, after repeated treatments.

See Your Dermatologist
You might be the perfect candidate for the GentleYAG Laser System, a specialized hair removal treatment offered at The Skin Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Call (954) 500-SKIN (7546) to set up an appointment to consult with a dermatologist.