The Benefits of AcuPulse Facial Rejuvenation
By Skin Center
November 13, 2019
Category: Skin Care

Is it time to do something about those sun and age spots, deep facial wrinkles and acne scarring? The Skin Center in Fort Lauderdale skinoffers AcuPulse Facial Rejuvenation performed by our board-certified dermatologists. Safe and effective, the gentle AcuPulse laser can give you that bright, fresh look you desire.

Make-up is not enough

Some skin defects on the face, neck and upper chest won't hide under the best of make-up. At Skin Center, the professional team treats patients--from teens to adults in their senior years--who struggle with deep facial lines, sun damage and acne scars. They want a more effective and long-lasting solution to their aesthetic issues. Also, they desire skin procedures that are safe, reliable and take little to no time out of their busy lives.

Skin Center in Fort Lauderdale offers AcuPulse Facial Rejuvenation

Just what is AcuPulse Facial Rejuvenation? It's a skin resurfacing technique employed by your board-certified dermatologist. If you're cleared through a medical skin exam and review of your history, you could take advantage of this state of the art service. There's no age limit, heavy discomfort or long treatment times (just 15 to 30 minutes per session).

Best of all, your dermatologist uses the most precise CO2, low-energy laser instrument to resurface, rejuvenate and brighten your problem skin. Whether you have light skin damage from the sun, deep wrinkles from aging, or even acne scars or warts, an AcuPulse Facial Rejuvenation can change your appearance and your confidence level, too.

The treatment is comfortable

To begin your facial rejuvenation, your doctor will apply some skin numbing cream. Also, you'll wear special protective glasses as a small, handheld laser delivers short pulses of focused light to targeted areas:

  • Around the eyes
  • On the neck and upper chest
  • Across the forehead and between the eyebrows
  • Anywhere your skin needs a refreshed, tightened, flawless look

Throughout the process, you'll perceive just a mild sensation of heat, and afterwards, you may see some redness. Patients often report tenderness for a few days post-procedure as well.

The healing process

For a week or so, you'll apply a moisturizer, such as Aquaphor, to soften the skin and any minute scabbing you may see. Also, sun screen lotion (SPF 30 or higher, says the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery) and limiting sun exposure are musts.

Avoid strenuous activities such as gym workouts or heavier household tasks such as gardening. Stay away from the swimming pool and locker room to reduce your chances of developing an infection.

After your skin has healed, you'll see more youthful, flaw-free skin.


Then, phone Skin Center to arrange a consultation. Ask about amazing AcuPulse Facial Rejuvenation. You'll get all the details you need to make an informed decision about your aesthetic skincare.