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At the Skin Center in East Fort Lauderdale, FL, Dr. Galitzer offers patients the option of Blu Light Therapy, or PDT, to treat skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and certain skin cancers.

Blu Light Therapy Q & A

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What Is Blu Light Therapy?

Blu Light Therapy, also known as Photodynamic Therapy (PDT), uses a narrow-band, high-intensity Blu light to treat a variety of skin conditions such as skin lesions and acne. The use of photosensitizing agents alongside PDT are effective at treating certain types of cancer cells on the surface of the skin.

How Does Blu Light Therapy Work?

The basic premise of PDT is to focus on the selective tissue that is causing the condition and breaks down the cells. These treatments may help remove sun-damaged precancerous skin, improve fine lines, and blotchy pigmentation. PDT has been shown to help treat acne and rosacea by decreasing the appearance of pores and reducing oil glands. PDT may also be called photo-radiation therapy, phototherapy, or photochemotherapy.

How is Photodynamic Therapy Used to Treat the Skin?

Photodynamic therapy offers some advantages over other skin treatment methods as it can cover large areas of the patient’s skin with little to no discomfort. An initial screening with your healthcare provider will be the first step in evaluating your candidacy for Photodynamic treatment. During the initial treatment, a photosensitizing liquid is either applied directly onto the affected skin to be treated or it is injected into the bloodstream through a vein. It takes about one hour for the liquid to be absorbed and take effect. After that, the target area will be exposed to the Blu light. It may take several passes over the affected area before completion of the process. It should take about a week for the treated areas to heal. After the procedure, your skin will be extra sensitive to sunlight. It is important to wear sunscreen and protective layers of clothing to minimize sun exposure.

As with all medical care it is best to consult a doctor to discuss any specific questions or concerns you may have about Blu Light or PDT therapy.

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