I've had BOTOX for nearly a decade and never realized its full potential until I went to Dr. Stewart. He really understands the science behind what he is doing and his technique makes all the difference - finally I see the full result I have been looking for - I am done changing doctors. Thanks Dr. Stewart! - Rhonda S.

I developed a rash on my upper arm a week before I was schedule to be a bridesmaid - with a sleeveless gown no less. Thanks to Dr. Galitzer and the cream he prescribed, it cleared up in time for the ceremony leaving no one the wiser. Thanks! - Becky R.

I've had several lesions removed by various doctors over the years, always with a highly visible scar left behind. I assumed this was the norm until I moved down from New York and went to Skin Center for Mohs surgery. Dr. Stewart's work is almost unnoticeable by comparison - I wish I had come to him much earlier. - Michael F.

Dr. Stewart and CoolSculpting changed my life. I used to be heavy long ago, but even after years of exercise and better eating, I just couldn't get rid of a few embarrassing bulges on my love handles and lower back. Thanks to CoolSculpting, I finally have the body I had 20 years ago and I'm loving it! - Sarah R.

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